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We’re proudly Italian, born and bred in the north east of the country with strong values and a real dedication to work and beauty. We also have a clear international orientation, embracing the global era. We are enthusiastic about creating connections with people around the world that share our passion for golf. Calling ourselves “The Italian putter company” stems from our intent to promote Italian design and creativity and it was with this aim that Bputters was founded. Craftsmanship is key throughout our production process, from the design, machining, polishing and finishing, a multitude of skilled craftsman that share our belief in the Italian tradition of design, art and functionality, combine to realise a product that is both a thing of beauty as well as the result of precision, hard work and love for what we do. When you finally get to hold a Bputter, you are not just playing with a simple putter but, a hand-crafted club that will offer you both the style and performance to take the playing experience to a new level.


Our mission is simple: milling the best putters in the world, combining design innovation, tradition and performance.

For this reason, we take our job seriously, working hard to turn your needs and ideas into reality. Each Bputter is crafted, one at a time, following your specifications and beautifully assembled to give you the best playing experience.


Our milling process allows us to “tailor” the putter according to the requirements of each individual customer as we know that no two golfers are the same. We combine aesthetic value with maximum functionality and durability, working continuously to ensure the best quality product.

We like curves

At Bputters we like curves. We mill our putters using the finest materials to achieve the best performance while maintaining our unique design and style.

Details count

It’s the little things that make the difference and we know how important details are in making a good product special. Each Bputter is unique and treated as a “one of a kind”. Bputters are produced with skills, finished and fitted with pride and passion.

I am very impressed with the Bputters Hammer. The finish is amazing. Communication with Antonio about customization was easy and prompt. I love to use gear from companies where you can feel the company’s personal investment. Bputters are special because Antonio takes the time to make them special.
Golf Spy
The Panther model was a great surprise and Bputters wow’d me out of the box with its looks and many options to customize it to make it a true one of a kind. If you are looking to up your game with a true custom made putter from the ground up, BPutters is definitely a great choice.
I could go on for days about the concept of Bputters and why I think they have what it takes to make a name for themselves in the golf world, but I chose to focus more on the actual putter itself. The Bputters Space model deserves to have its story told as a solid and beautiful piece of equipment.
The Italian company is called Bputters, and it specializes in finely milled flatsticks with really cool names, not to mention some amazing-looking accessories such as leather utility pouches. In his words, “I’d love to contribute to the progress of this incredible game, allowing many players to have more fun and make more birdies.
Pleased to announce that Bputters can be now found on Puttertalk.com for in depth discussion on the Bputters philosophy and making. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Puttertalk.com for letting us tell my story and grow in the greatest putter community!
Bputters is a solid company and puts their heart into making each putter fit your specifications. I don’t know about you, but my putter is my best friend on the course and I want to have a putter that can allow me to walk up to the putt with confidence and drain the putt. BPutters is a great choice for your ‘birdie sinker’.



It all starts here, with a single block of Italian 303 stainless steel, carefully milled to form one of our Bputters. Seeing solid metal being transformed one step at a time, is a magical experience. It is a process that can be likened to mapping out the DNA of your putter. The design – the weight – the lie and the face milling are unique, like a child. Of course it doesn’t end there, we check our results and sometimes we apply additional customization. Once ready, each model is hand-polished before finishing. It may take some time but it sure is worth the wait. All the phases of this process are combined to provide the best results, both in term of performance and durability.


PluggedinGolf reviews the New BANDIT model

Italy’s BPutters has been on the boutique putter radar for a couple of years now, but I would say their momentum is still just getting started. Where I feel BPutters has really excelled since day one has been in making unique designs that are interesting, elegant, and tasteful. Frankly, I can’t think of a better way of describing the new BPutters Bandit putter. The first time Antonio of BPutters sent me a picture of this new design he was working on, I became immediately fascinated and had to try one out for myself. Read more on the news section of this website or check the link

At Bputters we take nothing for granted. Research and development is key to our philosophy, allowing us to continually improve and offer innovative products and services that look to meet the specific requirements of the market and each individual golfer.

We are all different, our habits, the things we like, the things we don’t like, our culture and our beliefs. This individuality that is particularly evident in the golfer, is catered for in Bputters. We provide the highest levels of personalisation to allow each one to express his game and his personality. From the material to be milled, the loft and lie, the head weight right through to engraving, finishes, are small personal touches, we make your Bputter unique and personal, in the same way that your finger print is specific to you.