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We firmly believe that passion, the love and firm desire to tell a story are at the base of everything to do with golf. That’s the spirit with which we have approached this intense and complex experience.


We are proud to present Bputters, born from our desire to design and produce a series of unique Italian milled putters able to meet the taste and needs of the most demanding golfers. We decided to focus our efforts on techniques and materials using the finest components to ensure “quality without compromise”. We are confident that Bputters can convey at least a little of what, for us, is and will forever be a great and continuous emotion. It all started on a golf course, thanks to a friendship and the meeting of two cultures so different but so close at the same time. After countless sketches and designs, we decided to make the first prototypes. We had so many nights of milling and grinding that will be impossible to forget. The joy of assisting the process of design, layout and finish of the first model was a truly magical moment. This is the same magic that we now share with you.


Antonio lives in Cesena – Italy, he’s married and has two wonderful girls: Sofia and Olivia. Antonio started playing golf during a business trip to Ireland back in 1998.  It was love from the first swing, a love that quickly transformed from curiosity to obsession. It was due to his reduced playing time through a series of injuries that for a few years allowed Antonio to dedicate more time to imagining, designing and creating putter shapes and forms. This time was used to find the best unison of art and performance, something that only a golfer can really understand. The putter, the club that golfers use most, has always fascinated Antonio and having never quite found the putter that gave him that feeling “of just being right” led him to take an increasing interest in their shape, their design and the techniques of putter creation. Antonio’s background is in the automotive industry. The metals, mechanics, design and milling processes have become very common topics in his day to day life, but he had never applied his knowledge to the golf industry until recently.  That is until one day when he decided to start to transform some of his ideas into sketches and, exploiting his knowledge of AutoCAD, transforming those sketches into the first prototypes. He began adding substance, perspective and design. Naturally the road is never easy and after various trials and errors the first five models finally became reality. Five models, because he wanted to be able to give the golfer a choice in terms of shape, weight, specs and feel. It has not been easy but as Antonio can confirm today, it has been well worth the effort and is a cause of great personal satisfaction to see his dream come to life. His vision, motivation and passion has seen Bputters constantly grow and develop and find its place in the golf industry.


Italians are renowned for many things: good food, fashion, design and sports car. What you may not know is that we are also pretty good at designing and forging metals. These considerations are the foundations on which our philosophy is based: to share with you our Italian heritage by milling, uniquely designed, custom putters using the finest materials, old-school process and lots of golf passion. We firmly believe that innovation is fundamental to maintaining our primary mission of quality and style.


The putter is a club that can create a wide range of emotions. For this reason we strive to produce the most unique putters in the golf industry, expressing passion and a love of what we do. From design using state of the art equipment to the best choice of materials and a careful milling process, we are able to combine great looks with maximum functionality and performance. We do not compromise, our aim is to insure that we produce the best quality putters. So, if you are wondering what makes a Bputter different from the others, we could point to the design, the attention to detail, the feel and the continuous research for new ideas. But the best way to confirm this is to to take the bull by the horns and try one! All our models are designed, milled, assembled and tested in our factory in Italy, making the “made in Italy” branding key to all Bputters.


Bputters Panther model has classified third on the 2015 GolfSpy Most wanted mallet contest. A total of twenty-eight putters have been extensively tested based upon the Strokes Gained putting statistic. We’re so happy of the result.


The Panther model was a great surprise and Bputters wow’d me out of the box with its looks and many options to customize it to make it a true one of a kind. If you are looking to up your game with a true custom made putter from the ground up, BPutters is definitely a great choice.


I could go on for days about the concept of Bputters and why I think they have what it takes to make a name for themselves in the golf world, but I chose to focus more on the actual putter itself. The Bputters Space model deserves to have its story told as a solid and beautiful piece of equipment.


Italy is known as an epicenter of art and fashion, so when an emerging Italian putter designer tapped us on the shoulder, we were immediately intrigued. The company is called Bputters, and it specializes in finely milled flatsticks with really cool names, not to mention some amazing-looking accessories such as leather utility pouches. In his words, “I could say I want my putters to become the best putters in the world, but I won’t. I’d just love to contribute to the progress of this incredible game, allowing many players to have more fun and make more birdies.


Putting is one of the most important aspects to the overall success of the golfer’s game. It makes sense to have a putter in your hand that you feel confident with from 90 feet out to 12 inches. BPutters is a solid company and puts their heart into making each putter fit your specifications. I don’t know about you, but my putter is my best friend on the course and I want to have a putter that can allow me to walk up to the putt with confidence and drain the putt. BPutters is a great choice for your next ‘birdie/par sinker’.


Pleased to announce that Bputters can be now found on Puttertalk.com for in depth discussion on the Bputters philosophy. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Puttertalk.com for letting us tell our story!


It takes a certain leap of faith to order a putter over the Internet, from a designer overseas. Sure, I had seen some sample photos online and I had a few terse conversations (over email) with the owner of BPutters, Antonio Biagioli. My hopes were high. Luckily, the model that arrived from Cesena, a town near the eastern coast of Italy and a two-hour drive from Florence, was a real beauty; or as they in Italian, molto bello…


I have had the honor of being connected through social media with one of the most passionate people in the golf industry. Mr. Antonio Biagioli is amazing inside and out. His commitment to making putters that are innovative and precision made to the needs of the player is priceless. Currently, I have in my possession and in my bag, The Hammer, and I love how the ball rolls off face and into the hole. I will be adding a couple more Bputters into my bag soon because of my love for the product and how confident I feel over each putt.